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Toxic Relationship Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

Are you in an unhealthy or toxic relationship? Can we change our thoughts and actions to accommodate the needs of others?

When a relationship suffers psychologically and physically, it becomes toxic. Every one of us is vulnerable to manipulation. We don’t always know what to manipulate. It can be beneficial at times, and it can also change people’s lives.

Neither the person manipulating, nor the person being manipulated, is aware of it. Your partner will be able to influence the decision you make. When we are duped or when a relationship becomes toxic.

We can learn about the type of relationship we have by asking ourselves questions.

We can see emotional manipulation in toxic relationships. The goal here is to find happiness by mentally incapacitating the partner.

Have you ever wondered why such relationships are maintained?

The best thing in our lives is a happy relationship. The most important factor influencing the rest of a person’s life is selecting the right life partner.

In a toxic relationship, there is insecurity, self-centeredness, dominance, and control. By remaining in such a relationship, we endanger our very existence. Love is a stimulant. So is the hope of love.

All relationships can be compared to addictions, but the power of addiction can be self-destructive at times. It is one that steals your joy on a regular basis and follows you around with the unmistakable clamour that this is not how it is supposed to be.

Why does a toxic relationship turn into an addiction?

You may think of your children or parents, or you may be afraid of your partner. Learned helplessness develops after a person is repeatedly exposed to a stressful situation. They come to believe that they have no control over or ability to change the situation, so they don't even try when opportunities for change arise.

How to recognize toxic relationships??

  • Hiding things

It is a toxic relationship if we hide something for their happiness, hide something out of fear of them, or feel hidden from them.

  • Unbalanced relationship

A situation in which we devote all our time and happiness to the partner but receive nothing in return. This is a symptom of a toxic relationship.

  • Emotional blackmail

It mentally breaks us down, teaches us we can’t live without our partner, and emotionally blackmails us so that we can’t leave that relationship.

  • Blaming

By blaming only one person, the wrong person oppresses and finds happiness in that person.

  • Changes you

We behave according to our partner’s wishes in the early stages of love, and then we become unable to live according to our own. The state in which we believe our character has changed.

  • Controlling

Maintain control by our partner, act in accordance with their wishes, and seek permission for anything.

  • Abuse

Use inappropriate words between verbal arguments.

  • Affects personal life

Relationships impact our daily lives; we lose our cool and must live in fear.

How do you get out of a difficult relationship?

We must get through these difficult stages. Therefore, each of us must withdraw from such a relationship.

If you don't believe you deserve to be treated with courtesy, compassion, and respect in a relationship, it's time to end it. Just as they must learn how to behave, we must learn to accept and adapt to their differences, mistakes, and moods.

Relationships that don’t let us be ourselves are toxic. Recognize toxic behavior and exit the relationship. After all, humans are not perfect. Few of us have received formal training in how to interact with others.

The most important thing we can do is boost someone’s confidence by offering psychological support to someone who is feeling helpless and depressed in such situations.

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It Ends With Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover

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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

After We Fell by Anna Todd

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