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The real value of a homemaker

“Since I am very close to my mother, I think a mother deserves the highest respect. And when you talk about salary, I don’t think it is just about cash, but I feel it is love and respect that you give to someone and I think my Mom has always been the biggest inspiration in my life and all mothers, they just sacrifice so much for their kids. So, the profession which deserves the highest salary, the highest respect and love should be a Mother.” was the final response to the question, "Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?” by Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017.

Is homemaking a simple task?

Every stay-at-home mother does an excellent job. They give up their time, sweat, and blood for her family. But we couldn't put a price on our mother. Being a stay-at-home mom is the most difficult profession with no pay. She manages a large number of obligations and issues without complaint. However, no one usually makes an attempt to thank her for the things she does.

The Untold Story of Housewives

Housewives in many houses succumbed to the frustrations and aggression of their male counterparts. The frustration and foiling mindset of spouses, particularly those who were out of work, incited them to act violently and aggressively, as well as misbehave with their female counterparts. Many examples of husbands viciously beating their spouses have been reported, and many children have become witnesses to this at a very young and vulnerable age. Typically, this behavior stems from the shattered psychological processes of numerous men who believe that feeding their family is their major responsibility and that somewhere deep within they know they fall short. However, because of the egoistic nature of the male brain, they turned their dissatisfaction on their spouses and blamed them for spending too much and not being able to live in difficult circumstances.

Housewives suffer from chronic stress as a result of juggling various roles in their everyday lives. Despite the crucial significance of loaded and stress-psychological well-being in the workplace, little research has been undertaken among housewives, despite their high anxiety and burnout ratings. No one can understand a housewife's inner anguish and depression. The connection between psychological distress and anxiety was mediated by perceived suffering, loneliness, and housewife burnout.

The findings can help counselors prioritize the abandoning of coping strategies for loneliness, perceived stress, and burnout when treating housewives experiencing psychological distress and anxiety.

Is it possible to compare homemaking to a professional job?

I'm saying that every profession, including housework, has its own unique beauty. Being a housewife or homemaker equals no career; it is the woman of the house who transforms it into a home, who brightens it with her deeply emotional and intrinsic nature, and for this, she is most loved. People underestimate the value of housewives. Many people believe that being a housewife is a simple task. However, homemakers demand little in terms of gratitude or respect, which encourages us to pursue pleasure. A woman is entitled to the same level of respect as the rest of the family, both inside and outside the home. Make food every day, wash clothing every day, and keep the house clean every day. This is 365-day-a-year employment for housewives. Every woman, whether she is a working mother or a stay-at-home mom, gives her all. Our mothers can't be compared to anyone else. No mother harms her children in any way. Her unselfishness and affection for all of us are priceless. A housewife or homemaker works full-time, with the exception that they are not compensated for their efforts. As a result, I ask that most people respect these women by considering them to be professionals.

Why do women make greater job sacrifices for their families than men?

Housewives are a term used to describe women who work at home. It has traditionally been a female-dominated profession. It has been misconstrued by society as a career reserved solely for women. Why can't males do the same? Homemaking is not viewed as a full-time job by men. Because it is a difficult task for guys to do. Working women are abandoning their careers to care for their children, husbands, and in-laws. They give up their dreams without hesitation in order to keep the house clean, wash the clothes, wash the dishes, teach the children, and so on. They, too, wish to soar on the wings of their imaginations. In certain households, girls are still compelled to marry young and are not allowed to study.In light of the fact that girls are expected to help with household chores. One of the most significant issues we observe is that educated girls are compelled to perform housekeeping against their will and are not permitted to work in any other capacity. Housing is a task that should be enjoyable to accomplish. It is not something that women should be forced to do. For their families, most women sacrifice their aspirations and desires. They require understanding, love, care, and respect. They are deserving of it.

Is it true that working women are better than housewives?

Many women in our modern culture are going out and starting careers, and I'm curious as to what you think of this. Every woman should pursue her own personal goals. Women have the option of working or staying at home. People place a higher emphasis on working women. We now have a large number of working women in high-ranking jobs. Never lose sight of the fact that you should always put yourself first. Both husband and wife share equal responsibilities for saving a marriage. I agree with working women; as a homemaker, they grow confident, strong, and independent as individuals. Another significant benefit is that financially independent working women may handle their homes if their spouse loses his job, becomes ill, or passes away. Working women are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I believe that the life of a working woman is more difficult than that of a homemaker. A housewife is only responsible for household duties, but a working woman is responsible for both office and household duties. We can take responsibility for ourselves till we receive alimony if we work or are financially solid.

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