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Living Together: Navigating the Joys and Challenges of Romantic Partnership.

Updated: Feb 18

Why are Indians rejecting cohabiting relationships? Living together partnerships are frowned upon in our society. Living together is considered disgraceful by the majority of Indians. Still, it's a dubious proposition for them. I'm not sure why. Perhaps they aren't aware of the benefits of living together.

Is it true that Indians are fearful about cohabiting?

As we all know, India is an ancient and historic country. In Indian culture, marriage is a very important aspect. It is also regarded as a significant turning point in their lives. As a result, many find it difficult to live without marriage. The Indian government, on the other hand, is not opposed to cohabitation. Any adult in India who is interested in a living together relationship can do so. They are also protected by the law. However, the issue exists in people's minds.

As previously stated, India is a traditional society, and a large portion of the Indians believe that living together partnerships are against their customs. Because Indians place far too much emphasis on family life. As a result, they believe that living without a wedding does not foster a strong family bond. They also slut shame women who enter into a living together relationship. Women are the ones who have to deal with the difficulties of cohabiting in societally exacerbated relationships. because women in India have fewer opportunities than men.

Even if a couple decides to live together, they can opt to split up when they no longer manage their lives together. Society never holds men accountable; instead, it holds women accountable. It's also tough for women to enter into new marriages. Her entire life has been ruined by society. Because in India, a girl's virginity is extremely essential. Even nevertheless, the majority of Indians prefer to marry a virgin female. As a result, if a woman enters a living together relationship, she is labeled as a slut.

Is it true that living together couples indicates a healthy society?

Without a doubt, living together relationships reflect the health of a society.

In highly developed societies, living together relationships are common. Because developed societies place a higher value on a person's uniqueness. They are unconcerned about what others are doing in their lives. if we go to an emotionally immature society like India, we will find that they place no value on a person's individuality. Everything is based on the values of society.

Living together relationships have more benefits than we realize. If both adults are committed to living together, they will be able to understand each other very well. They will gain enough confidence in themselves to marry themselves. They can ensure a long and happy marriage.

In some societies, such as India, arranged marriages are still preferred, where a couple meets for coffee once and the marriage is arranged by the family's elders. They are unconcerned about the couple's preferences. So, how can a relationship like this be healthy? The two couples don't know much about one another. It could lead to a tense relationship. Even if they want to divorce, they will have to deal with legal issues.

However, if they went on a date and lived together, they would be able to understand each other very well. If they don't feel they can move forward with their relationship, they can end it there and be happy, And they won't have to deal with any legal wrangling, and they'll be able to bring about a happy marriage if they so desire. As a result, to create a healthy society, people must also be in healthy relationships. A healthy society can only exist if there is a healthy relationship between its members. Because it gives value to an individual. Individuality is always valued in a healthy society.

The question is here when Indians will understand the value of individuality…if it is to change the families should be liberal in thoughts. But in India, the family is the oldest item. how can we expect such a liberal mindset from such a thing? In India, marriages are still held on the basis of caste and religion. so how can a child get an opportunity to think liberally who growing up in such a background? the majority of Indians are not always able to choose their spouse as I said before so the parents of upcoming generations also follow the same. Here we need a mindset change. the only way to change people’s perspectives is to educate them. let them know the importance of individuality. selecting their spouse only the person's individuality, not families. so let each one do as he pleases. may we be able to create such a happy society?

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