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body shaming

At some point in our lives, we've all been subjected to body-shaming. Body-shaming is when someone criticizes the physical appearance of another person. It's not a particularly appealing idea.

Why do people do this.??

It undermines others' trust and causes a different type of stress. Most people have had to listen to conversations like "color is less, weight is more, weight is less and so on. That is something that everyone does on a regular basis. People are so preoccupied with their outward appearance that they lose sight of their inner soul.

Unfortunately, in most cases, body-shaming begins at home, and the result is that the person becomes insecure for a period of time before overcoming it. People do not understand the long-term effects of body-shaming. It is the most common among teenagers and has a negative impact on adolescent confidence. They are, in fact, projecting their fears onto us.

Commenting on other people's physical appearance has become extremely common in our society. It's a product of social conditioning.

How do you deal with body-shaming?

What are the ways to be confident when you live with that feeling?

This is the most crucial issue in today's social media generation. Nobody in this world is completely perfect. Our beauty does not have to be visible from the outside. It is determined by how we treat others. It is our ability to show off, not our skin color, weight, height, or hair, that defines us. There will be a lot of people around to mentally break us down. Whoever survives will almost certainly succeed. Accepting the flaws that others mock is the key to survival. Acceptance and progress are the true measures of success. Concentrate on your own goals and career. With a smile, confront those who mock us.

Let us live our lives as they are. Others continue to make fun of us. There are so many things to enjoy all around us. Let us concentrate on that. We are all unique, and it is in our differences that we find our beauty. Each of us is beautiful in our own way. Making their clothes a little shorter and dressing freely is difficult to accommodate in our country.

Why do people always criticize others for gaining or losing weight, their skin color, their facial features, and so on?

It's a natural occurrence.If they wear glamour dresses, people with a slightly fatter nature are more likely to be haunted. If it's on social media, the hunt for it can be mentally exhausting. Even today, wearing a dress that exposes the feet, a sari that exposes the belly, or a sleeveless dress conveys a sense of morality. Negative comments and sexual abuse are still considered unbelievable. We must also remember that women are more likely than men to experience all of this.

Why are people of color, people with disabilities, people with vision problems, and so on all portrayed jokingly in TV shows? Is that how you use humor to entertain others?

Humor does not make fun of disabilities. It's degrading to one's own body. A group of people is being mocked for being amusing while inflicting pain on others. Racism, casteism, colorism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination can all be found in our country's comedy shows. That's why they're claiming this is a comedy. They are sending the wrong message to future generations.

The majority of the programs are watched by young children and adults. Then it is critical to show good content in TV shows and movies. When people criticize others, we begin to question them.

It is up to us to change. We need to change our minds. There will be new cultures there. Change your ideals based on their knowledge, mind set, behavior, and what they can provide you in terms of self growth rather than their body, face, color, dresses, or possessions.


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